Not everybody wants to pass along the standard stuff to their family when they die. There’s far more to a life than a property or car, after all, and it can mean so much more to inherit something unexpected and unusual.


In our latest blog, we list some of the best examples of extraordinary gifts you can give to loved ones when the time comes.


Songs just for them


Putting your thoughts onto paper is often a great way to express how you truly feel. That’s why letters are such great goodbye gifts; presenting your loved ones with a physical memento they’ll treasure for a lifetime and turn to for inspiration on dark days. However, if music runs in the family, you might want to make your scribbles a bit more melodic…


By recording a piece of music, you can pass along a different kind of present – something that’s unconventional in all the right ways. A song is guaranteed to prove to be a heart-warming surprise for the person who inherits it, regardless of whether it’s a tear-jerking power ballad or a tongue-in-cheek comedy tune.


Gifts that keep giving


When you leave this world for good, your generosity doesn’t have to disappear, too.

It may be possible to make special arrangements with florists to continue sending your surviving spouse flowers on their birthday/anniversary/Valentine’s day – even after your death.


Writing a will is a tough task, but putting this sort of plan in place can help considerably. If you know your loved ones are going to be taken care of after you’re gone, it will work wonders for putting your mind at ease.


Missions, tasks and errands


You may have some idea of how each relative will cope when you pass away. Many will want to be left alone. Others will want to talk. And some will simply need something to keep them preoccupied during a difficult time. For the latter crowd, there’re few better gifts than incomplete errands.


If you’ve always wanted to complete a personal collection of items, or obtain a signed autograph from one of your heroes, you should ask your loved ones to finish the job for you. A mission like this can keep mourners from falling into despair, ensuring they stay busy and distracted at a pivotal point in the grieving process.


Artistic heirlooms


Ever had an idea for a business? A premise for a novel? A concept for a play? If so, there’s no reason why you can’t pass these thoughts along to your loved ones when you die.


These conceptions may be unfinished or rough around the edges, but a fresh pair of eyes may be all that’s needed to turn them into something tangible. Ensure your ideas live on by handing them down. Who knows, they could be worth something one day…


Build your legacy with Dead Right  


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