Burial is old news. Nowadays, many Brits reject the conventional form of body disposal and opt for cremation instead. Not only is this considerably cheaper (less than half the price of a burial in many instances), it’s also easier to arrange and the family have the option to keep their loved ones’ ashes if they want to.


As cremation has transformed into the preferred mode of body disposal, new means and methods have emerged to give people more choices. With Dead Right, there are four main types of cremation package available, helping you pick the right type for your circumstances.


Here, we go through each one in a bit more detail to help you make an informed decision.


Simple Dead Right Funeral


With the Simple Dead Right Funeral, the body is cremated directly. This is the cheapest and most understated form of body disposal. There’s no ceremony involved, no friends or family in attendance, and no elaborate casket used to store the body. The absence of all these features trims the overall costs down, making this package most suitable for those on tight budgets who desire a fast, muted farewell.


Flexible Dead Right Funeral


For a cremation service with a degree of adaptability, your best bet is the Flexible Dead Right Funeral. This package includes a coffin approved by the crematorium of your choice – with the service lasting 25 to 60 minutes depending on the venue. With the essential bit taken care of for an affordable price, you can build the rest of the funeral around the cremation however you like.


Classic Dead Right Funeral


If you want all the archetypal funeral elements, the Classic Dead Right Funeral is for you. A ceremony (as well as transportation to and from the venue) is included in the price, and you can choose the crematorium in which you’d like the service to take place. It’s classic cremation just the way you pictured it.


Personalised Dead Right Funeral


We accept that conventional funeral options aren’t for everyone. Some people don’t want to follow standard procedure when it comes to a final farewell. Instead, they want something that’s unique to their loved one – a cremation service that reflects who they are and what they represented in life. The Personalised Funeral allows you to tailor your cremation ceremony whichever way you like, including personalised coffins made from your preferred type of material. It’s all up to you.


Get your cremation Dead Right


Speak to our team today for guidance and support on cremation methods for your loved one. Together, we’ll determine the most suitable option for you, taking preferences, family, religion and budget into account along the way.


Contact us on info@deadright.com. We make sure you retain control of cremation choices so that you receive the perfect solution, whatever the situation may be.

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