Simple cremations are an option that can work for some very different types of people, united by their desire to have the funeral that’s right for them.  Not everybody wants to make a big song and dance about their passing. Sometimes, it just isn’t suitable.  For other people, increases in funeral prices, make the financial cost of a funeral a challenge.  For others, perhaps the funeral itself isn’t a priority but they’ll remember in their own way with a ‘celebration of life’ party or event of another kind.

Whatever your motivation, at Dead Right, we understand that some people want the cremation itself to be a low-key occasion that they can afford, without fuss. That’s why we offer the Simple Cremation as part of our Simple Funeral Package. Here, we take a closer look at what it involves and why it might be the best choice for you.


What’s involved in a Simple Cremation?

The ‘Simple’ Dead Right Funeral, is sometimes referred to as a “direct cremation”.  This is by far the most affordable way to bid farewell to a loved one. Friends and family do not attend the cremation and, unlike a standard funeral, there is no choice of casket (a basic coffin is provided instead). The whole process is conducted quickly and quietly in complete private, ensuring a dignified end for the person in question without any of the added costs.  

With a Simple Cremation, you pay for the bare minimum, but the funeral will still include:

  • Collection anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales – available out of hours
  • Return of ashes within the space of 28 days in a biodegradable box
  • Basic coffin
  • All doctor and crematorium fees completely covered


Is a Simple Cremation right for me?

Simple Cremations are ideal for understated people, but they are also perfect for anyone who doesn’t rank funeral costs high on their list of priorities. If you consider your loved one or yourself among the latter crowd, you could use this leftover money to give to family instead – and they can then use this to host a personalised goodbye gathering, celebrating a well lived life in their own special way.

You could also use the saved money to leave behind something special gift for your family and friends – such as a personalised photobook. Or what about a recurring arrangement that sees your partner receive a gift on your anniversary every year? They’ll always feel as though you’re with them… even when you’re gone.


Organise a Simple Cremation today

Whatever your preference, for more information, head on over to our dedicated cremations page, or get in touch with the Dead Right team on Our team would be delighted to help you in any way they can.

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