You can leave it too late to start work on your bucket list… but you can never get going too early.

It doesn’t require much effort, either. If you ever think about something you’d love to do before you die, write it down as soon as possible. Repeat the process every time inspiration strikes, and before long you’ll find you have a lengthy page of aims and ambitions.

But how do you make your bucket list personal, meaningful and attainable? Here are some of the things you should keep in mind…


Think about what you’ve always wanted


Not every bucket list has to consist of the classics: “visit the Grand Canyon”, “complete a skydive”, etc. Every single item ought to be something you actually want to do, see, or achieve.

It’s your bucket list, nobody else’s, so don’t ever be put off writing something down just because it might seem “boring” to somebody else. It could be a task as simple as learning how to cook a certain dish or changing your hairstyle.

Think carefully and answer honestly: What would really make you happy?


Take time into account


Few people end up successfully crossing every item off the bucket list, and this is often because they don’t put a time limit on these tasks.

When you don’t set yourself a deadline to do something, you can always fool yourself into thinking you’ll do it tomorrow instead. To get through your bucket list, you need to begin marking each item with a time target. For example, you might want to travel to India before you turn 65, or visit Barcelona’s Camp Nou football stadium before next season begins.

The clearer you are with your list, the more you’ll get done, and the happier you’ll be for it.


Making these dreams a reality


A lot of bucket list items are ambitious and exciting… which inevitably means they require a lot of planning and saving to achieve.

Ultimately, you’ll need to sit down and work out how you can make these dreams a reality – and it may be much easier than you think.

The deadlines alongside each item can help you budget accordingly and drive you to start setting money aside. When you know what you need to do to make something happen, you can start to take the right steps.

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