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What would your last words be?

Celebrate the life you’ve lived and the things you’ve loved.

Take 10 easy steps to break the silence.

Share your wishes & make things easier for others when you die.

How it works

Step One

Simply type your answer to each question in the Last Words tool and click “next” to progress to a new page. Your answers will be saved so you can go back and edit them if you need to.

Funeral Prices

Step Two

Once you’ve answered ten questions – you’re all done! Simply enter your name and email address and hit the submit button to finish.

Step Three

You’ll receive a copy of your answers, which you can share with family and friends. Thanks to the Dead Right Last Words tool, your loved ones will be able to put on the perfect funeral for you when the time comes.

3 Great Reasons To Use Dead Right

Simple and easy

We can help you create a fantastic funeral quickly and easily, freeing up important time and energy for you to support your family.


perfect Choice

You need the right person leading from the front at your ceremony – not just any old funeral director. We can help you find the industry professional who’s right for you.


Peace of mind

When you use Dead Right, you can relax in the knowledge that absolutely everything is taken care of. From start to finish, you’ll always know where you stand.

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