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The cost of funerals keeps rising, putting everyone in Britain in a peculiar position. The older we get and the longer we live, the more we’ll be forced to fork out when we pass away. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? But there’s no escaping reality – we’ll all have to make arrangements at some point.
Thankfully, there’s a solution: funeral plans.



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Compare our funeral plans

Below is a table of illustrative funeral plans available from Dead Right and partners. Here you can compare the benefits of each package and determine which option is best for you. Remember, you can add and remove features as you wish!

Our Funeral Plan Partners

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a financial product which enables you to pay now for your funeral to protect yourself and your family against future prices rises. It takes all the essential elements of a funeral – coffin, hearse, care of the body, funeral director fees – and rolls them into one convenient package. Funeral plans can be paid for in monthly instalments or all in one go, and tailored to suit your needs. The price of the funeral will only change if you decide to add new features or move to a new area where costs may differ.

Most funeral plans make an allowance towards third party costs, also called ‘disbursements’.  These include items such as doctors fees, crematorium charges etc.  However it is worth being aware that since these costs are beyond the control of the funeral directors and plan providers, and may grow at a faster rate than the funeral plan, plans rarely guarantee cover for all these costs.

Which ever provider you use, always make sure the money is securely ring-fenced in a trust fund, overseen and managed by an independent panel of qualified trustees.  Be clear on what your plan does and doesn’t include so that whenever the time comes, your family won’t be left scrabbling around making arrangements and payments.  For your peace of mind, we only work with partners who are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority.

When you take out a funeral plan, make sure your family know who to call.  All your representatives will have to do to access the funds when the time comes, is call your plan provider and your funeral director can get the ball rollling.  

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