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The cost of funerals keeps rising, putting everyone in the strange position: the longer we live, the more expensive things seem to get.

Thankfully there’s a solution: Dead Right cremations. Our cremations give you more control over how you spend your budget when saying goodbye to a loved one. So you can decide if you want to save money on funeral costs to spend on other things such as a farewell party, or on the other hand to go out with a grand finale. Wherever your choice, we are here to help arrange the funeral that’s right for you.

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which funeral is right for you?

There is evidence that attitudes are beginning to change to funerals in the UK, with alternative services increasing in popularity over the past few decades. By far the most noticeable shift has been the growing preference for cremation over burial.  According to polls, more than half of Britons now prefer their body to be cremated rather than buried.

Cremation can occur after a traditional ceremony at a crematorium, where the priest will say a few words before the body is taken away.  Traditionally only close friends and family are usually present although again this is changing with invitations being extended more widely.

Sometimes, people will opt for Direct Cremation – where there is no big service beforehand. This latter option is a simple funeral that’s considerably cheaper (they’re sometimes known as budget funerals), and may be preferential for anyone who doesn’t desire a ceremony or is operating on a very tight budget.  A ‘simple’ direct cremation in one where the crematorium organises the cremation at a time of their convenience with no attendance from family – this is the most affordable option.  It is also possible nowadays to have the ‘best of both worlds’ with a ‘flexible’ cremation which organises for the deceased to be at the crematorium for a service attended by family and friends before cremation takes place.

On the otherhand, whatever your budget, a funeral can be a highly personalised event – the last chance for friends and family to remember the person they loved.  Many families now choose to be creative in their goodbye – adding personal touches that reflect the passions and character of the individual.  Whether that is a unique style of coffin or a fabulous hearse to send them off in style.  It needn’t stop there afterall you can add personal touches in so many different ways – sending your ashes in a firework, organising a funeral singer or creating a diamond that will be treasured forever.

Whatever sort of funeral you would like to arrange is up to you.  Talk to our team to get started now 0203 937 7707.

Frequently asked questions

What Is A Direct Cremation?

These are funerals in which the deceased in cremated at a time convenient to the crematorium and the funeral director. They are sometimes called ‘budget, cheap or low cost funerals’. The cremation is not attended by friends & family. Whether you are on a tight budget, want more control over how you spend your money perhaps to pay for a farewell party or simply prefer not to make a fuss then direct cremations could be right for you.

What Is A Simple Dead Right Funeral?

The Simple Dead Right Funeral is our most affordable funeral – sometimes called ‘direct cremations’ or even a budget funeral. It is not attended by family or friends. However just because something is affordable, doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. Once the death has been verified we will collect the deceased and arrange for their cremation in a crematorium approved coffin with four handles and a plaque. The ashes will be returned to you in a biodegradable box within 28 days. How you celebrate their life is then up to you. You can visit our directory to find people who can help – from tree urns to fireworks or memorial ideas.

What Is A Flexible Dead Right Funeral?

A Flexible Dead Right Funeral is one where you have a cremation with a service (between 25 mins to one hour dependent on crematorium chosen). This can be attended by family and friends, at the crematorium of your choice, at a mutually agreed date and time. There are no extras or hidden costs and our prices include doctor’s fees, a crematorium approved coffin with four handles and a plaque, collection of the deceased out of hours, from anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales plus the return of the ashes. How you celebrate their life is then up to you. You can visit our directory to find people who can help – from flowers to tree urns to fireworks or memorial ideas.

What Is A Classic Dead Right Funeral?

For some people a funeral isn’t a funeral without a service, a hearse and limousine. We have created an affordable, classic funeral for our customers where they can have a service for friends and family at their chosen crematorium at a convenient time whilst arriving and departing in style. How you celebrate their life is then up to you. You can visit our directory to find people who can help – from florists to funeral singers to tree urns to fireworks or simply memorial ideas.

What Is A Personalised Funeral?

If you’d prefer to create a funeral that’s as unique as the person you’ve loved, then our team can help you organise something a bit different – from willow, cardboard or personalised coffins to unusual hearses, funeral singers or flowers we can help you put together a truly memorable send off.

What Does Out Of Hours Collection Mean?

Once the death has been certified and the Dead Right funeral purchased, we will arrange for the collection of the deceased from your home, hospital or care home, anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales.

What Sort Of Coffin Is Included?

We supply crematoria approved standard veneer coffins with four handles and a name plate. They are suitable for someone who is 6’3” tall and 24” wide. Should you need an oversize coffin, then this would incur an additional charge of £240.

Can I Book A Funeral Outside Of Your Office Hours?

If you need to book a funeral as a matter of urgency, then you must first ensure that the death has been verified by a qualified medical professional. We are not allowed to remove the deceased unless this has happened. If the death has been certified and you have booked a Dead Right funeral, our team will contact you as soon as we open at 9.15am. We will reconfirm all the details to arrange the funeral and collect the deceased. This can normally happen the same day you contact us.

Can I Choose My Own Celebrant Or Minister?

We can arrange a celebrant for you who operates in your chosen area or of course you are free to employ your own. If you organise your own celebrant, then as part of our packages we will make a £100 contribution towards this cost

How Are The Ashes Returned?

We will return the ashes to you in a suitable container and carrier. It is illegal to send ashes through the post, so we therefore inform you of the day when the courier will hand deliver the ashes in order for you to take receipt. You will be informed of the date a week in advance with a reminder 24 hours before.

Can I Remove Elements Of The Funeral Packages To Reduce The Cost?

We have designed our packages to cover the most popular kinds of funerals that families want. We are unable to remove different elements from our packages however if you want something more bespoke then contact our team who may be able to help.

What Are The Doctors Fees?

When someone dies in England and Wales, there is a legal requirement for cremation certificates (Cremation Form 4 & 5) to be completed before a cremation occurs. Usually, these forms are completed by the deceased’s usual GP or the Doctor who last supervised their illness. If the death has been referred to the Coroner, the Coroner will provide a certificate for Cremation (Form 6). Charges for completing these key documents are agreed by the British Medical Association, and the funeral trade organisations (NAFD, SAIF, Co-op). Within our ‘Simple’, ‘Flexible’ and ‘Classic’ packages all these fees are paid by us on your behalf and are fully included in our funeral packages.

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