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Choosing A Funeral Director

When life strikes us with a harsh reality, we need a reassuring hand on our shoulder, guiding us to a course of action. That’s what a funeral director should be to you, after a much-loved person has passed away: an emotional balm, a listener, and – above all – a fantastic event planner. They have to think in practical terms (cost, feasibility etc.) but also the strange, ephemeral skill of crafting a tribute you’ll never forget…

However, like any business, there are charlatans to avoid. Numerous things separate a great funeral director from those that aren’t worth your time or attention. Today, we’re telling you how to spot a worthy funeral provider, and how to choose one that’s just right for you.

Setting your expectations

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What to beware of…

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Commemorative materials
A coffin, for instance, can be built from cardboard, woven bamboo or MDF, if you want to keep the cost down. Expenses rise when you choose mahogany, steel, printed designs or a bespoke frame. The same is true of urns, which take in the same variety.
You may want to put on a spread of snacks and drinks for the wake. This could range from a simple buffet to a formal catering team.
Personalised gifts
Keepsakes such as a seed to plant in the deceased’s memory, or a photo album spanning across their life, are a thoughtful touch.
Coffin adornments
These can surmise what the departed always held dear. Examples include a treble clef for musicians, a flower wreath for naturalists, and a sports-themed feature, like a mini golfing flag sticking up from the burial ground.
A traditional way to bring close family to the venue, or transport guests who can’t make their own travel arrangements.
Ceremonial extras
These might comprise of a sermon-giver, musical accompaniment, Order of Service sheets or decorations.

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