From the beautiful to the bizarre, no final wishes should go unheard. That’s why Dead Right created the easy-to-use Last Words tool, which gives everyone the opportunity to get their requests down in digital format.

Over the course of ten steps, and in as little as ten minutes, you can record wishes like your preferred resting place and desired funeral song… but the penultimate box is reserved for logging wishes of a different nature – things that might have completely slipped your mind beforehand.

Here are a few examples of important last wishes you might not think to share…


1. Dress code at your goodbye party

You may have already decided how you want your final celebration to play out, from the venue right through to the playlist. But have you considered a dress code?

Most people will turn up to a funeral in muted colours or dressed in black from head to toe, but there’s no reason why you can’t subvert the rules. This is your commemoration and you’re entitled to change the dress code to something more upbeat (perhaps even your favourite sports team’s colours). Just be sure to write it down.


2. Personal letters to your loved ones

The lucky ones leave this world uttering profound words with their final breath. In truth, most of us won’t bow out in such a manner. There’s a whole section in our Last Words tool for noting down life lessons and closing remarks, but have you considered creating specially written letters for particular family members?

This allows you to bid farewell to your loved ones in the best possible way, offering them the personal goodbye they deserve.


3. Your social media legacy

Is there something you want to say to all your Facebook friends when you pass away? What about your Twitter followers? You might even want a fitting image posted to your Instagram profile as a final goodbye?

Whatever happens to your social media channels is up to you – provided you take the right steps beforehand and leave the passwords to people you trust. There are far too many stories of families being locked out of their loved ones’ accounts by administrators because they didn’t have the necessary login credentials.


4. Preferred funeral director

When you pass away, your family will be tasked with finding someone to play the role of funeral director – and you might already have someone in mind for this job.

You may have met someone who’d be the perfect funeral director for your grand swansong, or created a funeral plan via Dead Right. If so, you’ll need to make sure you write the name of this person down (along with their contact details) to ensure your loved ones are made aware of your plans.


5. What happens to your pets

Have you decided who would inherit your furry companions if you were to pass away? It’s important to explicitly list an owner, or you risk leaving your animal without a home.

Put some serious thought into who gets your pet, too. Consider whether they’re good with animals, if they have allergies, and if they can handle the responsibility. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

Turn to our Last Words tool to make certain your loved ones know all your final wishes – from the obvious to the obscure. If you have any questions, our team are happy to help in any way we can – just email


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